Drunk Driving and Defense of DUI

You need to know your rights and your options before you do anything. Our panel of attorneys are highly experienced in the defense of persons charged with drunk driving, successfully defending people throughout the State.

These cases are very complicated, involving chemical testing, refusal hearings, habitual traffic violation hearings, DMV hearings and the like.

The courts and the DMV have come down hard on drunk driving cases and so it is important to obtain the best possible defense you can. Call 1-800-LAWMAN-1 to arrange to meet an attorney who can help you in your case. To effectively handle a drunk driving charge, lawyers must have a background in toxicology, physiology, biology, chemistry and understand the function and operation of testing equipment used by hospitals, laboratories and police agencies in measuring alcohol in the body.

Jail or prison time is something you want to avoid as much as possible.

Saving your drivers license is also extremely important. The danger of a misdemeanor charge of driving under the influence is extremely high. It is extremely important that in the defense of a DUI the client not volunteer evidence to the prosecutor to get a conviction. If you have been accused of drunk driving we will work hard to arrange for the best outcome we can for you. We will challenge the breathalyzer tests, if necessary, and challenge the scientific evidence used by the District Attorney. If there are aggravating circumstances such as a child with you in the car, or an accident causing an injury, or even death, we will work to decrease the charges against you and help you try to avoid jail or prison.

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