Drug Charges

In most States, sentences for drug charges have become increasingly serious. Different drug quantities and different types of drugs can result in higher levels of offences. A past criminal record may increase the length of a sentence for drug charges, and a Judge may consider other factors to increase a potential jail sentence.

Even minor charges can be terrifying and carry the risk of serious penalties upon conviction. The more serious the charges, the greater the risk of serious consequences. Our experienced defense lawyers can help take some of the fear and danger out of charges by answering questions and guiding a client through a complex legal system.

Federal and State drug laws may be used to charge a defendant with a crime. In 1970 the Federal Government passed the Drug Abuse Prevention and Control Act which classified drugs into five (5) categories and established regulatory requirements and penalties for the misuse of drugs in each category. The Act also allows the U.S. Attorney General to add drugs to the categories as necessary.

Drug related crimes and penalties can be anything from simple possession, to manufacturing, delivering, or possessing with intent to deliver a controlled substance, with higher penalties depending on the drug involved, the quantity of the drug and the defendant’s prior record.

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