Criminal Charges

Our goal in criminal cases is to resolve your problem quickly, confidentially and with the minimum amount of consequences possible for our clients. In complex cases, we can often provide service that is effective to substantially reduce your exposure, even before the charges are brought against you in a formal manner. Our attorneys have experience and a strong reputation for integrity to help when possible to influence the key charging decisions in ways that protect you from facing more serious consequences. The District Attorney or U.S. Attorney may have certain choices in how to prosecute a case. If we can help influence that decision, your situation may improve substantially, but call us know at 1-800-LAWMAN-1 and get us on the case.

False accusations can be a terrible injustice that many defendants face. An innocent person can pay the price for something that a witness either mistakenly or even intentionally tries to charge to a defendant. Contact us now to discuss your particular situation at 1-800-LAWMAN-1

Call us now at 1-800-LAWMAN-1